Searles Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules

Easy-to-use granules
Sprinkle onto pot plants, hanging baskets, gardens and lawns

• Lasts up to 8 months.
• Improves plant growth.
• Improves re-wettability of growing media.
• Increases water penetration.
• Increases water holding capacity.
• Reduces water run-off .
• Improves fertiliser and pesticide delivery direct to root zone maximising efficiency.
• Non-phytotoxic formulation.
• Easy to apply and spread.
• Resists wind drift on application.
• Searles® quality guaranteed product.

Searles Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules are remarkable granules which help make growing plants easier and more successful. Sprinkle them around your pot plants, garden beds, shrubs, fruit trees, lawns and water will penetrate and be absorbed for months, even after a complete dryout.

Water Repellent Soils - A Common Problem
Sometimes the harsh drying climate can make gardening more difficult by drying the soil and causing it to become water repellent. This can be a problem as the applied water does not always reach the plant roots where it is needed, instead it runs off the soil and the plants may wilt and sometimes die.

Searles Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules allow the water to penetrate to the plants roots where it is most needed and enhances the soils ability to absorb moisture, increasing plant growth.

• Available sizes: 1.25kg, 7kg and 25kg.


Searles Water Crystals

Waters when you forget

• Increased plant growth.
• More efficient use of water.
• More efficient use of soluble nutrients.
• Saves water, watering time and fertiliser.
• Neutral pH.
• Non-toxic to plants, soil, ground water and wildlife.
• Lasts up to five years.
• Saves water and fertilisers - saves money.
• Improves plant growth.

Uses of Searles® Water Crystals
Searles® Water Crystals have a very extensive range of uses in the horticultural industry, for example:

• pot plants.
• growing media for pots and gardens.
• seedling and propagation systems.
• establishment and maintenance of grass and lawns, embankments, sports areas, etc.
• tree planting programs.
• dryland – arid area regeneration.

• Available sizes: 125g, 250g, 1.25kg, 2.25kg Tub and 25kg.

Recharge® Sprinkle & Grow

Recharges pot plants, baskets and gardens

Recharge® Sprinkle & Grow contains both controlled release and instant fertilisers and will feed plants for 6 months. It also contains added Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules that allow water and fertiliser to penetrate to the roots of the plant.

A terrific new product for 'recharging' old and tired potting mixtures, impoverished soils and budget potting mixes. Ideal for use in large tubs, planter boxes and patio gardens.

• Robust® Controlled Release Fertiliser.
• Searles Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules.
• Complete plant food.
• Trace elements and minerals.

• Available sizes: 700g, 3.3kg Tub and 25kg.
Searles Liquid Penetraide

Long term soil wetter

Liquid Soil Wetter is a professional grade wetting agent, which is used by professionals in the horticultural trade. Searles® Liquid Soil Wetter is a long-term wetting agent, giving effective water penetration into soils and potting mixtures for up to seven months, even after long dry periods.

Searles® Liquid Soil Wetter is ideal for use on lawns, gardens, hanging baskets, pot plants, etc.

Searles® Liquid Soil Wetter helps to improve plant growth by allowing the soil to re-wet even after drying out and it also reduces water usage and waste water normally lost from water run-off. Application can be made by watering can, pressure sprayer or click-on hose attachment.

One litre of Searles® Liquid Soil Wetter covers up to 200 square metres of lawn and garden.

• Available size: 1 Litre.
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