There's something very rewarding about growing your own food and one of the juiciest home grown delights are strawberries.

Preparing the Soil
Autumn is a great time to plant strawberries and the first job is to prepare the soil. Find a sunny position where the strawberries will get plenty of direct sunlight. Strawberries love a rich soil, so dig in plenty of organic fertiliser. 5 in 1® Organic Plant Food is just the ticket for healthy strawberry plants and a bountiful crop of juicy strawberries. To improve drainage, form the soil into raised mounds about 2 foot wide. 

The next important tip is to mulch the soil well. Use high quality mulch such as Searles® Premium Garden Mulch. This will help protect the soil from drying out, helps maintain a cooler root system and feeds for approximately 3 months, right through to fruiting time.

Planting and Watering
When planting out, select healthy runners and plant each about 1 foot apart. Give them a good watering straight away. Strawberries will need watering about every 2-3 days, except when it has been raining. They don't like to dry out and they will not tolerate over wet conditions either.

To produce the much-loved juicy strawberry, they need regular fertilising. Being a fruit, strawberries respond extremely well to a high potassium fertiliser, such as Searles® Liquid Potash. Fertilise every 2 weeks with the Liquid Potash up until fruit set.
So remember, for sweet & juicy strawberries

• Improve soil with 5 in 1®
• Mulch with Searles® Premium Garden Mulch
• Water regularly & fertilise every 2 weeks with Searles® Liquid Potash
If you do this, in 10-12 weeks you'll be munching on some deliciously juicy strawberries.

Happy Gardening with Searles from the Searle family.

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