The resemblance of these cute flowers to a dragon earnt them the common name of Snapdragon. Their botanical name 'Antirrhinum' comes from the Greek word 'Antirrhinon' meaning nose like.

This bushy annual that flowers for a long period of time comes in both dwarf & tall varieties. The taller "Snappy's" with their long stems make them ideal for cut flowers. They come in a variety of wonderful colours in bright tones of orange, red, pink, yellow and white.
Snapdragons always look their best in a massed display in garden beds and pots. The dwarf varieties can also look great when grown in hanging baskets in full sun.

When growing them in the garden choose a sunny position that is protected from wind. Prepare the beds with Searles® Real Compost & 5 IN 1® Organic Plant Food. For an extra boost, add a couple of handfuls of Kickalong® Organic - Complete Garden.

For good strong growth in outdoor tubs and large pots, use Searles® Pots & Tubs Potting Mix. When growing in hanging baskets, use Searles Peat 80 Plus® potting mix.
Snapdragons can be grown all year round. Sow seeds into Searles® Seed Raising Mix and transplant into the garden or into small pots when they are at the stage of having 3 - 4 leaves. There are two varieties in the Searles® Seed Range, the small growing Cheerio, or for cut flowers try Panorama a taller selection.

Snapdragons are also available in seedlings (punnets). Plant them out into a prepared garden spacing them about 20 -30cm apart.

Once planted water them in with SeaMax® Fish & Kelp Fertiliser. When they are established, give a fortnightly application of Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Food to strengthen stems and create vibrant colours.
Although Snappy's don't like soggy and waterlogged soil, they do love a deep drink at least twice a week. Rust can be a problem with them. Try to avoid overhead watering to keep the foliage dry and if possible water early in the day so the rising sun can dry any extra moisture. If your Snappy's get rust, spray with Mancozeb or a garden fungicide. Snappy's can be cut back for a second round of flowers.

As Snapdragons are a timeless favourite with many new varieties being developed each year, they are sure to remain popular for a long time to come.

Happy Gardening with Searles from the Searle family.

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