Gardens just would not be complete without the magnificent scented rose flowers and winter is a perfect time to plant them.

Roses love a full sun position and like room around them so they don't become overcrowded. When planting roses, make sure to leave about a 60cm space all around them.

Now the real trick for roses is in the soil preparation. Roses love a rich organic soil. For best results dig a hole and fill with Searles® Rose and Citrus Compost. Plant your roses straight into this. You'll be rewarded with stunning growth and magnificent blooms.

Roses need regular fertilising to keep producing their glorious flowers. One great fertiliser recommended and endorsed by the Qld Rose Society is Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Food. Apply Searles Flourish® at planting and continue every 2-3 weeks.

Another marvellous fertiliser, which promotes strong growth and helps protect roses from fungal diseases is SeaMax® Fish & Kelp. Ideally, you could alternate between the two fertilisers every 2-3 weeks.

After each flush of flowering, be sure to prune back the finished flowers, as this helps promote more flowers.
So for magnificent roses:

• Make sure they're in full sun
• Plant into Searles® Rose and Citrus Compost
• And fertilise every 2-3 weeks with Searles Flourish®
and SeaMax® Fish & Kelp.
If you do this, you will be rewarded with the most magnificent scented rose flowers.

Happy Gardening with Searles from the Searle family.

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