Nasturtiums are a wonderfully easy and brilliantly colourful plant to grow.

They can be used in so many places around the home to dazzling effects, such as pot plants, hanging baskets, window/verandah troughs, along borders or just to ramble over the garden and delight us with their marvellous colours.

Nasturtiums are not too fussy on their soil requirements, but improving the soil will benefit their growth and flowering. For pots or containers, use Searles® Premium Potting mix or Searles Peat 80 Plus®. Searles® Peat 80 plus is especially good for hanging baskets and troughs.

For planting in the garden, enrich the soil beforehand with Searles® Real Compost. Dig this into the soil where you are to plant the seeds, and just plant the seeds straight away. Make sure to give them a good watering immediately afterwards.

Seeds are generally sown at approximately 50cm spacings and at a depth of about 2cm. Generally the best time to sow seeds is in autumn and spring. The Jewel Mix Nasturtium seeds from Searles® are a wonderfully coloured variety and easy to grow.
Once they germinate and start to grow, they can be boosted with applications of a soluble liquid fertiliser, such as Searles Flourish®. Do this every 2-3 weeks to produce more foliage and bring them into flower.

One of the great things about Nasturtiums is that they are edible, both the leaves and the flowers. They both have a spicy bite to them and go wonderfully in salads. As well as this, the flowers look marvelleous in salads as they have brilliant colours such as yellows, golds, reds and oranges.

Once Nasturtiums have grown in a garden, and after flowering, they will grow again season after season, as their seeds germinate readily. This makes for a lovely surprise year after year as they keep popping back up. They look wonderful rambling over gardens, somewhat like a seasonal groundcover.

So for an informal yet colourful garden, use Nasturtiums to their best effect. They are easy maintenance, in fact virtually no maintenance and keep coming back year after year.

Happy Gardening with Searles from the Searle family.

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