Spathyphillums, also commonly known as Madonna Lillies or the Peace lilly, are a great plant for indoors or shaded areas. They will flower most of the year and maintain their beautiful glossy dark green foliage.

Madonna lillies can grow to a metre tall with glossy big green leaves, which gently arch away from the plant's centre. Madonna lilies produce numerous white cup-like flowers, which remain on the plant for extended periods of time.

Madonna lilies require shaded area with good light and are a great plant for indoors. To grow them well, make sure they are in a room which receives plenty of light, but don't place them in an area where they will receive direct sunlight through a window, as this may cause leaf burn. They will also grow very well on verandahs, patios or other shady areas around the house.
Plant into a pot approximately 25cm wide using Searles® Premium Potting Mix. After planting, give them a good watering, sufficient to flush water through the drainage holes of the pot. Do this over a sink or outside area and leave for half an hour until water has finished draining. When growing them indoors, it is a good idea to use a saucer below the pot as this will prevent water spillage.
Fertilise Madonna lilies during spring and autumn with Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Food. This will promote their beautiful dark green foliage and promote masses of their stunning white-cup-like stems.

Water about once or twice a week for indoor specimens and keep the leaves clean. An occasional wash down in the shower will do them the world of good, both washing the dust from the leaves and giving them a good overall wash. Leave them to stand in the shower for half an hour to drain before repositioning them back onto the saucer.

Every 2 weeks, rotate the pot a quarter turn. This will encourage even growth all around the plant, giving a far more appealing habit.

Madonna Lillies are a wonderful and hardy plant for indoors or verandahs. They are easy to grow, look delightful and are very versatile in decorating living rooms, home entrances, sun rooms or any place around the home of your hearts desire.

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