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Searles Potting Mixes, Soil Mixes, Composts, Mulches and Organic Fertilisers

Potting Mixes, Soil Mixes, Composts, Mulches & Organic Fertilisers

Fertilisers, Micronutrients, Trace Elements & Soil Additives

Searles Azalea, Camellia & Gardenia Food
Searles Bluestone (Copper Sulphate)
Searles Borax (Boron)
Searles Complete Plant Food
Searles Dolomite
Searles Fruit & Citrus Food
Searles Fruit, Citrus & Berry Plant Food
Searles Garden Lime
Searles Hibiscus & Bougainvillea Plant Food
Searles Hydrangea Blue (Aluminium)
Searles Iron Chelate
Searles Iron Sulphate
Searles Kickalong Organic Plant Food Range
Searles Magnesium Sulphate
Searles Manganese Sulphate
Searles Native Plant Food
Searles Natural Gypsum
Searles Palm Food
Searles Perlite
Searles Rose & Flower Food
Searles Sulphate of Ammonia
Searles Sulphate of Potash
Searles Sulphur Powder
Searles Superphosphate
Searles Trace Element Mix
Searles Urea
Searles Vermiculite
Searles Washed River Sand
Searles Zinc & Manganese Citrus & Vine Spray

Water Management Products

Searles Liquid Penetraide
Searles Penetraide
Searles Water Crystals

Soluble Plant Foods

Searles Flourish
Searles Flourish Liquid Range
Searles Flourish Hose-on Liquid
Searles Flourish - African Violet
Searles Flourish - Azalea & Camellia
Searles Flourish - Orchid Booster
Searles Flourish - Fruit Booster
Searles Flourish - Tomato & Vegetable
Searles Flourish - Green & Growth
Searles Flourish - Native Plants
Searles Flourish - Orchid Bloomer
Searles Flourish - Hydroponic Part 1
Searles Flourish - Hydroponic Part 2

Controlled Release Fertilisers

Searles Recharge
Searles Robust Lawn Booster
Searles Robust Range

Liquid Fertilisers

Searles Liquid 5IN1 Plus

Searles Liquid 5IN1 Organic Plant Food - Hose On
Searles SeaMax Fish & Kelp
Searles Liquid Blood & Bone
Searles Liquid Fish Fertiliser
Searles Liquid Potash
Searles Liquid Seaweed

Plant Protection & Insect Control

Searles Ant Kill 50 Granules
Searles Liquid Ant Kill
Searles Bindii & Clover Killer

Buffalo Master®
Searles Buffalo Master Hose-On
Searles Bug Beater RTU
Searles Conguard Garden Insecticide Concentrate
Searles Conguard Garden Insecticide RTU

Searles Copper Oxycholride

Searles Dead Ant Granules - Bifenthrin
Searles Dead Grub - Bifenthrin
Searles Dead Weed - Glyphosate
Searles Ecofend - Fruit & Garden Spray
Searles Ecofend - Vegetable & Garden Spray
Searles Fruit Fly Wick
Searles Lawn Grub Killer Granules

Searles Lawn Grub Killer Hose-On

Searles Lime Sulphur
Searles Liquid Lawn Grub Killer

Searles Lawn Perfect
Searles Lawnweeder
Searles Mancozeb Plus
Searles Mancozeb
Searles Paspalum, Nutgrass & Clover Killer
Searles Path Weeder RTU
Searles Pest Gun RTU
Searles Root Rot Systemic Fungicide
Rose Pro 1 Litre RTU
Rose Pro Concentrate
Searles Spredmax Spreader

Searles Snail and Slug Pellets
Searles Tree & Blackberry Killer

Searles Trifend Garden Spray
Searles Weed & Gro Pro
Searles Wettable Sulphur

Searles White Oil


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