If you want to add splashes of bright Mediterranean colour to your garden, while keeping it low maintenance, then you can’t go past Geraniums.

Geraniums, also known as Pelargoniums, flourish in our warm tropical climate. These plants grow very quickly and produce masses of dazzling flowers all through the year. Some of the colours available include whites, pinks and oranges to brilliant reds. As well as this, Geraniums have many varied and delightful coloured markings on their leaves, which can add to the overall display in the garden.

When planting Geraniums, they happily grow both in sunny positions and partly shaded positions. They are very tolerant plants that grow well in both conditions, however, they will not grow to their best in fully shaded positions. One thing is for sure, they like rich soil and will grow beautifully when planted in a good rich mix, so for best results plant into Searles® Garden Soil Mix.

If potting Geraniums, plant into Searles® Premium Potting Mix.

Geraniums are fast growing plants and will quickly fill any spaces in the garden. They can be easily kept in shape by clipping off shoots that might look leggy.

Geraniums are very hardy plants and are one of the great lush plants that do well in semi dry conditions. Having said this, they do the best when watered regularly, but they will also grow very well and maintain their brilliant colour in dry conditions, making them a great low maintenance plant.
On average, geraniums respond very well to a deep watering about twice a week.

To produce their brilliant deep green foliage and magnificent flowers, regularly fertilise with Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Food. Apply this in dilute form every couple of weeks. For fast results, apply over the foliage and also drench the soil around the root zone. When foliar fertilising, avoid doing so in the middle of the day or during very hot temperatures.

After each flush of flowering, prune off the spent flowers and re-shape the plant. Geraniums love a good prune, so don’t be shy to cut them back hard. They are fast growing, so you can cut them into a smaller shape and they will quickly send out bright new growth and soon, more flowers.
So remember, for magnificent Geraniums:

• Choose a sunny to semi-shaded position
• Plant into Searles® Garden Soil Mix
• And regularly feed with Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Food.
By doing this, your garden will be dazzled with the magnificent green foliage and brilliant blooms of lovely geraniums.

Happy Gardening with Searles from the Searle family.

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