If you want terrific roses in Spring, Autumn is the right time to fertilize your roses. This will ensure bigger and better flowers with stronger and healthier growth
What you will need:

• Searles® Rose & Flower Plant Food
• Searles® Flourish
• Searles® Premium Garden Mulch
During the cooler months of winter, roses become susceptible to disease and fungal problems. Fertilizing roses in Autumn helps the roses build up resistance against disease and fungal problems commonly associated with the cooler months of Winter.

Use a fertilizer, which is high in Potassium, and also contains appropriate quantities of Phosphorous. Potassium develops flower size and quality and assists in the resistance to diseases. Phosphorous develops stronger stems and canes and also helps to assist in the resistance to diseases.

For fertilizing roses, use either Searles® Rose Plant Food or Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Food (Searles Flourish® is endorsed by The Qld Rose Society).

Searles® Rose Plant Food is in granular form and can be sprinkled onto the soil surrounding the roots. Follow the directions on the bag and keep away from the main stem. After application, water thoroughly to dissolve the nutrients into the soil. Repeat applications every 4-6 weeks for continued strong growth.

Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Food is a soluble fertiliser, which is ideal for watering both over the Rose bush and drenching the soil. When foliar fertilising, avoid doing so in direct sunlight or on days over 30°c. It is best to apply early mornings or late afternoons. Apply every 2-3 weeks through the main growth periods.

Rose plants also benefit greatly from mulching and a great mulch to use is Searles® Mulch Plus. Searles® Premium Garden Mulch contains added 5 in 1 Organic fertiliser and slow release fertilisers, and both helps to protect the soil and root system while at the same time feeding for about 3 months.

Happy Gardening with Searles from the Searle family.

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