Diversity in our gardens creates personality but we don’t have to always use plants. Using decorative pebbles enhances gardens and brings out the garden’s natural beauty.

The greatest thing about incorporating pebbles into your garden is the incredible variety of colours, textures and shapes that are available.

One favourite pebble, which is currently very popular, brings a strong sense of the Australian outback to your garden. It is called Searles® Weipa Red Pebble. Weipa Red is a rustic red-brown colour and small and spherical in shape. The pebble is about 1-2cm in diameter.
Recipe for a beautiful display

• Buy a blue or green glazed pot,
• Plant into the pot an attractive foliage plant like a cycad or fern and cover the surface of the pot with Searles® Weipa Red pebble. The result is a spectacular mix of colours and it will make a focal feature of your garden.

So use the new Searles® Weipa Red pebble in your garden to really highlight your plants.

There are many more beautiful and stunning decorative pebbles available that can be used in so many places around the home. The possibilities are endless. It is all up to the imagination. Pebbles look fantastic in small gardens, in between pavers or stepping blocks, on pot surfaces, for cacti and bonsai, in glass bowls filled with water, along driveways and many, many more places.
To see a complete range of Searles decorative pebbles, CLICK HERE

Happy Gardening with Searles from the Searle family.

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