Growing plants in terracotta pots adds classic and timeless appeal to any home, office, restaurant or public area, and one favourite plant for terracotta pots is the Cycad.

Cycads are a very easy to grow plant and there are many varieties available, suitable for both in-ground growing and in-pot growing. One favourite for growing in pots is the Cycad Revoluta. This Cycad is commonly available at many garden centre outlets.

Cycads need a large pot of at least 40cm wide, and sometimes much larger depending on the plant size. This will all depend upon the size of the Cycad you are intending to pot up. As cycads are relatively slow growing, if you have purchased a small plant, then a small pot of approximately 40cm wide will do just fine. However, do remember that Cycads will grow to become quite large plants and they really do look their best in a decent sized terracotta pot. One problem with small pots is that they tend to dry out very quickly during the hotter summer months, whereas a larger pot will retain more moisture and therefore will not need watering as often.

Fill the pot with Searles® Pots & Tubs Mix, which is specially formulated for use in terracotta and other outdoor pots. If the pot has large drainage holes, or a large single drainage hole in the bottom, be sure to crock this well with some large pieces of charcoal or gravel, to prevent the potting mix from dribbling out, and then fill with Pots & Tubs mix over the top of this.

Plant the cycad straight into this. There is no need to amend the potting mix at all.

When positioning your potted Cycad, make sure it's in a sunny position and leave enough room all around the pot for the Cycad to spread out. Remember that in time the cycad may spread to 1 metre wide or maybe more. Cycads in terracotta pots make marvellous landscape additions to outdoor garden areas, paved areas, patios, BBQ and pergola areas, but it would be wise to stand them back a little from heavy traffic areas as the fronds can be a little spiky to touch.

To maintain deep green leaves and strong growth, water regularly, and fertilise approximately every 3-4 weeks with Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Food.

Or another option would be to fertilise them with Robust® Controlled Release fertiliser. One application will feed instantly and last for 6 months, providing continuous plant nutrients over this 6 month period.

Fortunately Cycads are very hardy plants and rarely suffer from pest attack or plant diseases, which makes them terrific for growing at home. If your Cycad does become afflicted with a problem, ask your local Garden Centre for advice on the specific problem and how to treat it.
Checklist for Cycads in Terracotta pots:

• Choose a Terracotta pot at least 40cm wide
• Pot up with Searles® Pots & Tubs mix
• Fertilise with Searles Flourish® every 3-4 weeks
• Fertilse with Robust® Controlled Release Fertiliser (one application feeds for 6 months)
Happy Gardening with Searles from the Searle family.

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