Now that winter is almost over and spring is about to set upon us, it’s the perfect time to prepare citrus plants for marvellous growth.

Citrus plants require lots of nutrients to develop their beautiful fruit. They do marvellously with regular feeding right throughout the year, but there are some tricks for the best results.

First, for citrus to grow well, the golden rule is NO grass below them. In fact, they like the grass removed right out past the dripline. The dripline is the area directly below the outer branches. Citrus tree roots feed close to the ground surface and usually below the dripline, so grass will deprive them of their food.

Secondly, Citrus love plenty of fertiliser. After removing the grass, spread 5IN1® Organic Plant Food onto the soil, keeping it away from the trunk. 5IN1® is a fully organic fertiliser that promotes strong and robust growth. Citrus trees flourish with organic fertilisers, so 5IN1® will provide excellent results.

Thirdly, citrus flourish when well mulched. Spread a layer of Searles® Mulch Plus on top of the 5IN1®. Be sure to spread this out past the dripline and leave a gap around the trunk.

After all this, give the newly prepared Citrus a good deep watering. Continue to water your citrus about once a week and be sure to give it a deep watering each time. This will help promote strong growth, ultimately producing crops of sweet and luscious fruit.
So Remember, for marvellous citrus this spring

• Clear the ground of grass below the branches out past the dripline
• Spread 5 IN 1® Organic Plant Food onto the soil
• And cover the 5 IN 1® with a Searles® Mulch plus
If you do this, you Citrus trees will flourish and the rewards will taste ever so sweet.

Happy Gardening with Searles from the Searle family.

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