One of the most popular and versatile vegetables that Australians love to eat is the beetroot. Beetroot can be cooked, pickled or even eaten raw in salads.

Beetroot prefer a loose, sandy soil but will tolerate clay soils. Beetroot do not like acidic soils, so add Searles® Dolomite to the soil before planting to sweeten the soil.

Prepare garden beds with Searles® Real Organic Compost and Kickalong® Organic Complete Garden. Spread the Searles® Real Compost over the soil about 2-3cm deep, sprinkle the complete plant food over this and dig it all into the top 10-15cm of garden bed.These products will provide enough nutrients for strong growth, producing delicious beetroot.

Space beetroot 20cm apart and maintain good watering. Never let beetroot dry out, as they will develop a woody taste.

Beetroot do not have many disease and pest problems so they will require low maintenance.

Harvest beetroot when they are small to medium size for the best flavour. Large beetroot are only good for juicing. If beetroot are left in the ground for too long, they become large and can become woody.
So remember to prepare beds with Searles® Real Organic Compost and Kickalong® - Complete Garden.
Happy Gardening with Searles from the Searle family.

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